A House Built for the Coastal Areas

A House Built for the Coastal Areas

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Students from Steven Institute of Technology designed a house that could be perfect for the Coastal Areas and withstand super storm winds.

Called the SURE house, it offers a new model for sustainable coastal living. The innovative building envelope is supposed to reduce energy consumption by as much as 90%. It has enough space to house a large family.

What’s great about it is its deployable shutters which integrate solar panels. Once it gets pretty bright, they can deploy the solar panel shutters to provide shade. The deployed shutter’s solar panel can be used o power up the house the house or protect it wind and rain during storms.

Check out the video below.


This house design, including the e-mailable house design that we featured a few days ago, are all part of the US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon competition. For more information, click here

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