Turn on and off Appliances Anywhere with Contros

Turn on and off Appliances Anywhere with Contros

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We’re big fans of Internet of Things Technology and connected appliances. While they are already available,  getting one is pretty exorbitant.  Most of the time, it’s not available here yet.

Most of us will want something simpler. Some of you will just want an appliance that you can turn off with a smartphone app. No bells and whistles so to speak.

Well, the Contros does just that.  It’s a  Wi-Fi enabled timer that you can plug in with your home appliance.  It allows you to set timers and turn on and off your home appliances from your smartphone. It’s even 3G and 4G capable.

But you can still turn on an off your devices through its one-button control. Simple and easy.

Its smartphone app lets you control the Contros and the interface looks downright easy.   Setting up the device is easy.  All you need to do is plug it  into a wall outlet and then plug your electric home appliance.

You can turn your electric fans, TVs, electric cooking appliance into a smart device.  The Contros is not bulky. It’s half  the size of iPhone 5s making it one of the smallest smart plugs in the world.

We’ve highlighted devices that help you cook using an automated countdown timer. The Contros does that for your electric cooking devices.  You can cook while you’re doing other things like watching TV or answering nature’s call.

You can set the timer for just about any electric appliance at home. And if you want to charge your mobile devices, you can do so with the Contros.  It stops charging once your mobile device battery is full.

Not only is it a smartplug, but it’s also a night light. You can also set the night light timer as well.  You can even use this as a sort of security device and stop a potential home invasion. Just plug it to a lamp and set the timer to turn on and off on random. It’ll confuse and scare off robbers.

What’s great about it is that it’s available for shipping to Asian customers.   You can get one plus shipping for US$15.

It’s currently on Indiegogo and it’ll start shipping this August.

Click here for more information on the Contros.



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