Get the Coolbox, the World’s Smartest Toolbox

Get the Coolbox, the World’s Smartest Toolbox

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If you like to tinker around the house or your significant other does home repair and other things, chances are,  they use a toolbox. Most toolboxes today are just  that — a box to store all sorts of toosl from pliers, wrenches, hammers, small power tools and more. It doesn’t do anything else.

A couple of enterprising individuals from Los Angeles, California, USA has developed the Coolbox, which they say is one of the smartest and probably most advanced toolbox out there.

Aside from storing tools and power drills, the Coolbox has   a retractable 12 foot extension cord and 3 built-in 110v/220v fused female electrical outlets, so you won’t need to bring an extension cord to your work place. It also has internal and external LED lighting so users can easily find tools and illuminate small spaces.   The Coolbox has its own a 20 volt rechargeable lithium polymer batter with 5000mAh to power  up devices through its built in USB port and a clock.

Coolbox Smart Toolbox

What else can the Coolbox do? If you like listening to music while you work, well you can do it now with Coolbox; it has  bluetooth speakers  built onto the front of the box. You can also dock your smartphone onto it or use it as  a tablet stand. And on top of everything,  it has a built-in 20 x 12″ whiteboard so you can list down stuff on it.

What’s also great about the Coolbox is its dual handles, making it easy to lug and carry around, plus it has wheels on the bottom of the box so you can roll it pretty easily.

Check out its cool video.

Currently it’s on Indiegogo but it has already reached its funding goal.  It’s a little pricey at US$299 but you can get it for US$179 if you order it on now.

Click here to go to its Indiegogo page.

We’re big fans of cool, pack-everything-you-can, all-in-one devices so yes,  we want one for ourselves.







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