Haier introduces Self Cleaning and Maintaining Appliances

Haier introduces Self Cleaning and Maintaining Appliances

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Cleaning and maintaining your appliances are important if you want to keep using them. ┬áBut it is tiring work. Sometimes cleaning them is messy and unhealthy because of the pollutants you’re exposed to. Chinese household appliance maker Haier has showcased a series of household appliances that self-cleans and maintains itself.

Check out the press release below:

Household appliances have brought about major transformations to day-to-day lives since their invention over a century ago, yet many have inherent problems and pose a threat to our health. Washing machines generally have compartments within that cannot be accessed or cleaned; refrigerators fail to keep dry foods dry. Chinese household appliance maker Haier showcased a series of smart household appliances addressing several challenges the industry has faced for over a century, making these exhibits a key highlight at the IFA event.

Haier’s smart self-maintenance appliances automatically and intelligently resolve the safety, health and cleaning problems by transitioning from passive control to a system of proactive detection, alerting and activation, providing an improved, smart and healthy experience to users without the need for human intervention. These exhibits include the new Dizun air-conditioners and its dry-and-wet-separation refrigerators.

Haier Smart Refrigerator

Air-conditioners can become a hotbed for bacteria and germs in a humid environment as they accumulate pollutants. Haier’s new Dizun air-conditioners prevent this by automatically cleaning the internal heat exchanger and removing dust timely, successfully tackling a long-time problem in the industry and eliminating a source of secondary air pollution.

Haier’s refrigerator, by deploying the company’s pioneering dry-and-wet separation technology, can, through the automatic humidity control feature, prevent foods stored in the dry section from becoming damp and those in the wet section from getting dried out, enabling the brand to stand out in the refrigerator segment.

Haier has taken the lead in addressing several challenges the sector has been facing for over a century, thanks to its open innovative system. The company has been insistent in the application of its innovative concept of making the whole world its R&D campus by establishing relationships with the world’s top-notch companies through an open platform and creating a global innovative resource network which now includes five major R&D centers around the world. Meanwhile, Haier’s online open Hope platform continues to take advantage of outstanding innovative solutions from all over the world and rapidly converts the buying public’s needs into practical products and solutions.

For more information, visit the Haier web site or click here.

Source: PRNewswire.com

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