Hisense Launches its 4K ULED Curved Smart TV

Hisense Launches its 4K ULED Curved Smart TV

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If you’re considering buying a 4K Curved Smart TV,  it’s a great idea to check out all the available options. If you’re looking for a great curved TV but don’t want to bust the bank, go for Hisense. And yes, they got great curved Smart TVs as well.  As a matter  of  that fact, they just launched their 4K ULED Curved Smart TV.

According to Hisense, their ULED TVs can compete with  the picture quality of OLED TV and SUHD® TV at a lower price.

The Curved 4K ULED TV offers a wide dynamic range for a more detailed, clearer and sharper image. The backlight control technology allows brightness control across 240-zones instead of over the entire display. With “Smart peaking”, the Hisense ULED enhances black-to-black response time and allows the LED backlight to boost the peak brightness of individual zones. In addition, the Curved 4K ULED TV has dark field image enhancement which highlights specific bright details in the dark areas of an image bringing a more true-to-life picture on screen.

Hisense 4K ULED Curved Smart TV

The Curved 4K ULED TV features 3M™ Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) technology that produces over 100% of the current color standard which results in a wider color gamut for richer, more vivid and broader range of colors and hues. This enhances the range of colors on the screen and allows users to see more colors than ever before.

With a 3840×2160 resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, the Curved 4K ULED TV displays stunning details on screen, making a more fluid picture and giving users an immersive viewing experience with a luxury design in the comfort of their home.

When they designed the  TV, Hisense added a curvature to the screen to match the curve of your eye providing more depth and viewing angles. The curve enhances the picture quality and allows for a true cinema-like home entertainment experience.

For more information, visit the Hisense site or click here

Source: PR Newswire.com

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