Huawei Mate S Launched With P2i Nano-Coating

Huawei Mate S Launched With P2i Nano-Coating

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Chinese technology giant Huawei unveiled their latest flagship smartphone, the Huawei Mate S.

Huawei says it is the perfect balance between beauty and usability and combines elegance with the next generation in interactivity. The gently curved case and glass screen contain several layers of functionality, including a P2i nano-coating to provide enhanced protection from water damage.

Richard Yu CEO of Huawei Technologies’ Consumer Business Group, described the functionality as “full-time water resistant” and added that the new coating would reduce the damage caused by rain and sweat.

P2i is delighted to continue its partnership with Huawei – the company’s nano-technology is already used on several products including the popular Huawei P8 Smartphone. Through the application of P2i’s patented nano-coating technology, the Huawei Mate S will survive liquid exposure from humidity and sweat to accidental splashes and spills. The ultra-thin coating doesn’t impact the look of the device, offering invisible protection from liquid damage. This means that the Huawei Mate S can be taken on life’s every day adventures, and can survive more of what life throws at it.

Huawei Mate S  With P2i Nano-Coating

P2i is the global leader in liquid repellent nano-coatings, helping companies around the world give their products improved protection against damaging elements such as water, oil, sweat and mud. Using a patented pulsed plasma process, P2i’s technology coats products with an invisible protective coating 1/1000th the thickness of a human hair. Products P2i has coated include a wide range of high-value products from mobile phones to technical clothing, footwear, hearing aids, medical devices, filtration materials and the nose cones of Formula 1 cars.

Headquartered near Oxford in England, P2i’s market-leading technology is protected by over 175 granted patents. The company has three laboratory facilities in the UK, USA and China to support its continuous development work.

For more information, visit the Huawei web site or click here


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