Juno Jumper Pro Powers Devices and Can Jumpstart Cars

Juno Jumper Pro Powers Devices and Can Jumpstart Cars

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Juno Power  released the Juno Jumper Pro, a  mobile power source to include a portable AC dock. By combining this one-of-a-kind dock with an external battery pack, Juno JUMPER Pro turns into a 110V portable outlet, allowing users to power electronics when a wall socket isn’t available. Originally designed as a portable jumpstart device, Juno Jumper Pro recharges your car or truck’s dead battery and juices up power hungry smartphones, tablets, cameras and more.

Take an electric outlet anywhere

In addition to completely rethinking mobile power, the portable AC dock eliminates the need for lengthy extension cords. Creating an electrical outlet anywhere allows users to tote around stereo systems and other electronics for outings at the beach or power up a fan heater on hot outdoor trips. It’s also perfect for even powering up the 12V grill or blender during tailgating season.

JUNO JUMPER Pro with AC Dock (PRNewsFoto/Juno Power LLC)

JUNO JUMPER Pro with AC Dock (PRNewsFoto/Juno Power LLC)

In the event of a power outage during thunderstorms, snowstorms or any other weather that cuts electricity, the portable AC adapter ensures a way to run lights, keep phones charged, or power radios for emergency updates.

Safely jumpstart sedans, vans, motorcycles, trucks and even sports cars


What’s great about the Juno Jumper Pro is its capability to jumpstart cars.

The Juno Jumper Pro is still the perfect device to get drivers back on their way after they return to a dead car battery, and it’s compatible with 99-percent of vehicles on the road – even those with V-8 engines. Juno Jumper Pro can crank up to 600 Amps into an 18,000 mAH lithium polymer battery more than 20 times.

For safety, the proprietary SMARTec cables (Included) utilize a special onboard chip to prevent error when connected to the vehicle’s battery. If the positive cable is connected to the negative terminal, and vice versa, the cables alert the user of the incorrect connection with a loud buzz, making Juno Jumper Pro much safer than standard jumping cables.

Charge devices from one source

Juno Jumper charges 80-percent of laptops on the market through its 19V outlet, providing up to 100-percent more charge on 13-inch Mac Books and both sizes of the Mac Book Air. With an Apple Magsafe 1 or Apple Magsafe 2 cable, Juno Jumper Pro charges at the same speed as the standard wall outlet.

The 12V port pushes power at 10 Amps and is perfect for portable car vacuums and tire inflators.  A 220 volt version is coming out. It’s currently on Kickstarter.com For more information, visit http://kck.st/1XRvuFt

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