LG Electronics Philippines Unveils LG V10 Smartphone

LG Electronics Philippines Unveils LG V10 Smartphone

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LG Electronics Philippines recently launched the LG V10, its newest smartphone. What’s great about this latest LG smartphone?  It has double of everything. Well, everything that we’re interested in.
First it has two screens.   It has a gorgeous  5.7-inch Quad HD display and a smaller 2.1 inch mini display.

The bigger screen has Quad Display with an impressive 2560×1440 resolution. The bigger the resolution, the more colors and details you can see. And the 5.7 inch display looks downright awesome.

Having two displays is also rather useful.  You can put all of your favorite  buttons and controls placed within the display.  Or all within a tap of your finger.

Then there’s the cameras.  It doesn’t have two cameras, it has three. It has a dual l 80-degree and 120-degree 5MP front facing cameras.  It’s great for  selfies or group pics.

LG V10 Smartphones

And of course, it’s got a 16 MP rear camera with an F/1.8 lens. You’ll get  brighter, more detailed photos and videos, even in low light conditions. It can record  videos  at 4K and can provide better sound fidelity with three (3) built-in mics.

And it’s speedy as well. Its powered by a Qualcomm processor  running at 1.8 Ghz with 6 cores. It has 4GB  main memory and  a  64GB of internal storage.

So in case you want to run a lot of applications, this LG smartphone can. It’ll probably eat any app for breakfast.   Also, if you’re a big fan of games, well, the LG V10 will be able to hack it.  Clash of Clans anyone?

And if you’re budding smartphone photographer and videographer,  you’ll like the LG V10.

It has a ton of applications to record and make videos easier. It also lets you fine tune settings when you’re shooting pics or recording video. It’s a smartphone but it’s a phablet and its huge. You can do just about anything on the LG V10.

And if you’re wondering about security, well the LG V10 has that covered as well. It has a built-in fingerpint sensor.  You can lock out those privacy-challenged people.

And as for its design and make, well, we’re kind of digging the stainless steel finish. The back has this ruggedized rubber feel. We think that this LG smartphone can probably survive small drops and falls without batting any eyelash.

We were hoping that it was waterproof but unfortunately it wasn’t.  Drat. If it was waterproof,  the LG V10 would be perfect.

Not that it’s already great as it is.

For more information on the LG V10, visit www.lg.com/ph or click here.


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