LG Philippines launches its new Super ULTRA HD TVs

LG Philippines launches its new Super ULTRA HD TVs

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LG Electronics has been busy these past few weeks as they have  released a whole bunch of new appliances and IoT machines. Just this week, we featured the LG Air Conditioner that can repel mosquitoes as well.

Today, LG Philippines finally launched their Super ULTRA HD TVs namely the Super UHD TV UF950T and the curved UG8700.

While we think it’s rather redundant to put Super and Ultra together, but LG thinks it’s a great way to say they’ve got the best TVs.

LG Super UHD TV 4

The UF950T, the flagship of the series, is one slim UHD TV. It sports the ColorPrime Display by Nano Spectrum to provide accurate color expression and treats viewers to more vivid colors with an increased color reproduction range. And when we say it’s thin, it is thin. The UF950T is only 8.3mm and in spite of its slim form factor, it packs in speakers designed in collaboration with Harman Kardon, one of the most globally respected names in the audio industry.

Not to be outdone, the LG UG8700 Super UHD TV looks great. It’s a curved TV with an IPS panel built thereby allowing exceptional viewing from any angle without distortion of colors. We’ve tested this distortion of colors on flat screen TVs and you do get some distortion. Sometimes the colors don’t come out right when you view it from the sides.

UG8700 doesn’t have the speakers built into the display but rather it uses an auditorium stand that houses speakers. This allows this Super UHD TV to deliver audio directly to the viewers. What’s also great about UG8700 is its digital signal ready and capable of HD streaming. This summer, LG Electronics is also set to launch the largest member of the Super UHD TV family.

For more information on these LG TVs, please click here.


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