Meld will Help you Cook Your Meal to Perfection

Meld will Help you Cook Your Meal to Perfection

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We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Remember the time when you decided to start cooking for yourself and you did it. Thing is, it didn’t work well. The dish that you wanted was either undercooked or you charred it (which wasn’t the plan) and literally left a bad taste in your mouth.

Don’t throw the towel in just yet as Meld is delivering the Meld Knob + Clip, a set of Smart tools to help you cook.

The Meld Knob + Clip are a set of automated range knob and temperature sensor that you can attach to your stove.

You attach the Meld Knob to your cooking range and you insert the Meld precision temperature sensor to the dish you’re cooking.

Meld Knob and Clip

Together with the Meld iPhone/Android App, you can track the temperature of the dish you’re cooking. You can make adjustments on the fly through your Smartphone. Based on your cooking preference, the Knob adjusts automatically your cooking range.

According to the Kickstarter page, it solves the problem of setting cooking ranges at medium high.What’s even better is that it can turn off your stove after cooking the meal. It will never turn on your burner or stove.

Here’s a video on how the Meld Knob + Clip can help to cook great dishes.

You can still control your cooking range manually, but this great app will help you cook that perfect dish. The Meld Meld Knob + Clip has already met its funding goal and will be available this October.

Check out its Kickstarter page here and get this one if you’re serious about your cooking.


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