Miele Oven with Microsoft Azure IoT Services Will Help you Cook Better

Miele Oven with Microsoft Azure IoT Services Will Help you Cook Better

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Microsoft sees our future homes teeming with IoT appliances and they’re teaming up with Miele to create new
appliances using Microsoft’s Azure IoT services.

It’s like Meld’s Smart Cooking Tools except this one’s the whole oven.

Miele is a well-known manufacturer of high-end home appliances. You can find their great selection of ovens, washing machines and vacuum cleaners here.

In the future, Miele oven users will scoot over to Miele Website and choose a recipe from various meals posted on the site. The food prep stages are then downloaded to a smartphone or tablet and it will synch with the Miele IoT oven through Azure. Users will still need to prepare the ingredients, pans and other cooking utensils though.

Microsoft Azure Assisted Miele Cooking Appliance

Once everything is set, the oven will cook the meal based on the downloaded instructions and cooking settings. This includes temperature charts, cooking time, humidity and the oven’s other special features.

The end result? Great meals with less guess work (or none at all). No more burned, toasted or undercooked meals. Yay!

Miele has already completed a proof-of-study concept of Microsoft’s technologies. We’ll likely see Miele’s appliances with Azure IoT services in several years.

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