Razer Opens Second Concept Store in the Philippines

Razer Opens Second Concept Store in the Philippines

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Razer, one of the leading providers of gaming accessories and devices, opened its second concept store in the Philippines at  SM North Edsa Mall.  It’s significant because it is Razor’s second standalone store in Asia.

Smart Homes Now! was invited the opening of the store  and we were impressed.

It’s wall-to-wall of pure gaming goodness.  Top of the line gaming keyboard, optical interfaces,  gaming headphones, wearable devices, software, apparel and gear. On either side of the store, gamers can try out Razer’s award-winning keyboards, optical interfaces and top-of-the-line headphones.  They can also check the latest and most powerful Razer Gaming Laptops,  and kick-ass mouse pads that complement the optical mice.

Razer Mouse

Further in, the  store offer  gamers with decked-out PC gaming rigs, gaming controllers, Razer Wearable Devices, gaming gear and apparel.

It is a gamer’s  heaven.  Visitors can try out the gaming peripherals, play available games at the store and even make it to gamer’s hangout.

Top Razer executives graced the event including Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO.

The Reason Behind the Second Razer Store

The most obvious question, everyone wanted to ask: Of all the countries in Asia, why choose the Philippines?

Interestingly, Min said that opening its store in the Philippines wasn’t made out of a terrible need to expand their business interests here.They  just wanted to be in the place where gamers were.

According to Min,  they posted a poll on Facebook on where to open their next concept store.  “We were amazed on how many Filipino fans we had. We were very pleasantly reminded at how vocal our fans here can be,” said Min.

If you want to try out Razer’s awesome gaming devices, head out to the SM North Edsa’s  Cyberzone Level 4.

Razer Plans

During the informal interview, Min revealed some of the plans for the Philippines. First off, he wanted to push OSVR or Open Source Virtual Reality.  OSVR is an ecosystem designed from the ground up to set an open standard for Virtual Reality input devices, games and output. Its goal is to provide the best possible game experience in the Virtual Reality space.  Min said that they’re working with Oculus and Valve to  push OSVR further.  He would also like to work with local academe and developers to use and develop OSVR applications.

We asked if Razer is planning anything on other interface technologies. He mentioned recent developments with Microsoft Hololens is great but he’s really forward to Intel’s RealSense 3D. “We’re excited about what Intel is doing with RealSense 3D.  Watch out for that.”






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