The BEZALEL is the Wireless Charging Station You Need for your iPhone

The BEZALEL is the Wireless Charging Station You Need for your iPhone

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You’ve heard about wireless charging and we’ve featured a few before. Well, here’s another one. The BEZALEL is the newest universal charging solution for the iPhone and it’s already available on Amazon and the web site.

The BEZALEL is a Latitude dual-mode (Qi and PMA) case  that enables iPhone users to power up using any wireless charger – regardless of charging standard.  Qi and PMA are competing standards in the wireless changing industry.


Companies backing the Qi standard include McDonald’s, Samsung, Toyota/Lexus and IKEA. Those backing the PMA standard include Starbucks, Delta Airlines, Google and AT&T.

The Latitude case is available in black or white for iPhone 6/6s  and 6 Plus/6s Plus. It is constructed of advanced polycarbonate, and includes a flexible, super-durable Lightning cable connector that lets users charge and synch their iPhone easily the old-fashioned way (via a standard Lightning cable).

We’re just glad someone came out with an iPhone charging case that you won’t have to worry about using which wireless standard  a charging station uses. You can also get a charging station as well. And we’re also glad that it’s available now.

Latitude Wireless Charging Station

We’re hoping that there will be one for Android phones.

For more information on the dual-mode Latitude case for iPhone, click here here or view the video below.




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