Time to get a Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

Time to get a Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

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If you don’t have someone cleaning up your floors or you don’t have the time to personally clean it because you’re holding up a bridge at work (figuratively speaking), then it’s probably time to get a robot vacuum cleaner.

LG Philippines was one of the first companies to make their robotic vacuum cleaners available here. But it is rather pricey. Scoot over to those online shops (Amazon‘s pretty good) and you can get yourself a robot vacuum cleaner at a lower price.

robot vacuum cleaners

One of the things that you have to remember, though, in purchasing these vacuum cleaners: obstacles.

It is their bane. If a robot vacuum cleaner encounters an obstacle that is bigger than its clearance, it’ll get stuck.

Another thing you have to consider is the robot vacuum cleaner is not meant to pick up detritus that’s bigger or even heavier than a 5 peso coin. ┬áSo keep your expectations in check.

But do get one. It’ll save you time and the consternation of cleaning up your dirty pad.


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