Bell Labs is Developing  Technology to Boost DSL Speeds to 10Gbps

Bell Labs is Developing Technology to Boost DSL Speeds to 10Gbps

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We scooted over at and saw this particular entry on Bell Labs. They’re developing new  technologies that can give new life to DSL broaband connections.

Last year, the world got introduced to G.Fast, a new DSL technology push bandwidth speeds to 150Mbps to 1 Gbps (gigabits per second).    New devices using the G.Fast technology will be available this year and by 2016, we may see DSL subscribers downloading games, watching High Definition movies at Netflix at 150Mbps  speed and more.

Bell Labs

Bell Labs is further building on the G.Fast Technology  and integrating other technologies to reduce interference. This will push DSL speeds up to 10Gbps . But it may take a while as they unveiled it as part of their vision for networks in 2020.

Current DSL Broadband Speed taps out at tens of Mbps (megabits per second). It can’t go any further because DSL uses copper  phone lines (to  transmit data) which can’t handle anymore bandwidth beyond that. Which is why more people are opting to use Cable Internet and the very costly Fiber Networks.

Why will this matter for Smart Home owners?   For the Philippines, we may have more than two Million DSL subscribers (a conservative estimate).  DSL speeds range from 300Kbps to 5Mbps. With more devices being connected to the Internet and  IoT (Internet of Things) appliances being introduced, we’ll need better and higher speed broadband connections.  It matters if we want our homes to be truly Smart and Connected.







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