Check out the More Efficient Sharp Washing Machines

Check out the More Efficient Sharp Washing Machines

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Sharp’s new washing machines promises to make laundry time manageable and save on water and electricity.

Sharp’s new fully automatic washing machines — Sharp ES-U75GP-BL, Sharp ES-U85GP-BL, and Sharp ES-U105HP-SL — offer features that promise to cut down on washing time, save on water and electricity, are easier to use, minimize fabric damage, and provide the hygienic cleanliness your clothes deserve.

The new lineup of Sharp fully automatic washing machines comes with a Mega Mouth, which gives a wider opening for huge items like bed sheets, comforters, blankets or curtains. To make room for such a large opening, Sharp designers placed the iircular control panel on the right corner of the machine, near the user. Traditional control panels are usually a long rectangular menu of buttons and dials found near the user or at the machine’s far end.

Applying fabric conditioner on the new Sharp fully automatic washing machines takes away the guesswork and the manual side of using a washing machine. Fabric conditioner can now be applied through the new fabric conditioner dispenser – just set the course and click the “Fragrance” bottom. It also allows your clothes to sit for several minutes for maximum absorption.


The Sharp ES-U75GP-BL and Sharp ES-U85GP-BL are equipped with the New Dolphin Pulsator which minimizes water resistance and reduces the burden on the motor, thereby increasing its lifespan. This also means less energy consumption.

The Sharp ES-U105HP-SL’s W Screw Pulsator + New Nature Technology features both an energy efficient output and Spring Water Flow (high speed water going up), a reverse of the traditional Cyclone Water flow (high speed water going down) common on many current washing machines. Spring Water Flow promises to make washing more efficient but also makes the clothes less tangled.

Plus, the ES-U105HP-SL is built with a Holeless Tub: water that normally goes outside the tub is kept in, requiring approximately 30% less water, detergent, and fabric softener. And, since the tub is holeless, stress on the fabric during spin dry cycle is greatly reduced, so that fabric gets less wear and tear every time it’s washed.

So what about cleanliness? Eventually, ashing machines accumulate molds. The interior of the washing machine tub is easy to clean, but the tub’s exterior, which is covered by the washing machine’s external frame, can hide molds.

Each of the new Sharp fully automatic washing machines has an Anti-Bacterial Pulsator, which keeps the underside clean and sanitary, and a Tub Clean cycle that not only cleans the inside of the pulsator, but also washes out remaining detergent and stains, and cleans the reverse side as well.

Laundry time need not be a chore. The new Sharp fully automatic washing machines have features that address user problems – a bigger opening for large laundry items, a better water flow for more efficient wash cycles, less stress on the fabric (to minimize damage during spin dry cycle), reduced water and energy consumption, and reduced molds on the tub’s exterior.

The Sharp ES-U75GP-BL, Sharp ES-U85GP-BL, and Sharp ES-U105HP-SL are now available in all leading appliance stores nationwide.

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