Cognixion One brings brain computer interface into 21st century

Cognixion One brings brain computer interface into 21st century

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Very soon, you’ll be using Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) with an Augmented Reality (AR) headset while working and controlling your smart home devices.

Cognixion®, a neural interface startup, introduces a new wearable category combining Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) with Augmented Reality (AR).

Say “Hello” with Cognixion ONE™.

Cognixion’s history of developing products for individuals with disabilities has let them understand their needs and invent new adaptive interfaces that make technology more comfortable to use by everyone.

According to’s Global NeuroTech Industry Landscape Overview 2020 report, Cognixion is ranked as one of the leading Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) startups and among the “Top 21 Neurotech Startups to Watch” with Neuralink, Kernel, and CTRL-Labs (acquired by Facebook for up to $1bn).

Available in 2021, Cognixion ONE is a closed-loop solution with patents-pending for stimulating the brain and reading its activity while sending control signals back to the AR application. It also integrates with leading research software.

Easy to use and fully accessible via Brain-Computer Interface, head pointing, or switch, everything about Cognixion ONE is designed to be usable by everyone, emphasizing accessibility for the 15% of society living with disabilities. This new development isn’t just theoretical BCI; this is useful BCI for real people.

Cognixion ONE will include an augmentative communication (AAC) app and an integrated AI virtual assistant for home automation control and companionship, enabling it to become a fundable insurance WearableSpeech™ generating device eventually.

What leading experts are saying:

Tom Gruber, Co-Founder of Siri, Former Head of Advanced Development at Apple said that Cognixion has created a breakthrough in human-machine interface: a practical, wearable device that allows you to control a computer with your brain. It will allow people with severe motor and speech disabilities to speak with family and friends, and — via an integrated virtual assistant — interact with the digital and physical world.

Alan Brightman, Founder of Apple’s Worldwide Disability Solutions Group said that the product will prove to be truly, fundamentally life changing for people young and old with varying levels of ability.

Cognixion believes the world should be inclusive, and soon accessibility will be synonymous with personalization.

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