Dolfi uses Ultrasonic Waves to Wash Clothes

Dolfi uses Ultrasonic Waves to Wash Clothes

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Dolfi ( not named after the late great comedian/ actor or those expensive dolls) may look like a  bar of soap but it’s actually device that can help clean clothes without  you doing any washing or rubbing.

It’s the size of a bath soap and cleans clothes through ultrasonic  technology.  All you need to do is put clean water in a basin, the clothes  you want cleaned,  put in detergent powder, plunk down the Dolfi in the middle and turn it on.

The makers of Dolfi say that it can clean clothes in 30 minutes and you don’t even have to handwash anything. The transducer inside the device emits  Ultrasonic waves. These waves  create microscopic  high speed bubbles that eventually implode and release millions of microjet liquid streams; these  bombard your clothes, cleaning dirt and stains easily.

Dolfi Wasing Device

This is actually a great device if you’re traveling and you expect to re-use the personal clothing (undies) that you brought with you.

Currently the Dolfi is on Indiegogo and will be available  this August. Hopefully we can get our hands on this little device and test it.

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