Electric Companies Are Not Happy About Home Solar Power Generation

Electric Companies Are Not Happy About Home Solar Power Generation

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If what the solar companies are saying is true, more and more households are using solar power. Home owners are now opting out of using electricity generated by private-owned companies.

While it’s great for smart home owners, the environment and the planet, some electric companies are up in arms over it. Case in point? Hawaiian Electric Company has barred Honolulu residents from installing their own solar power systems. We saw this in a New York Times article posted here. Electric companies are resisting grid-tied solar power solutions for a lot of reasons.

As smart home owners generate their own power, that already equates to revenue loss for an electric company.

What if entire villages, municipalities generate their own power? Utility companies will stand to lose millions if not billions.

Solar Panels on Roof

Grid-tied solar power generators also pose a problem for electric companies. As these home generate excess power from their systems, they can sell it back to the electric companies. Sending it back to the grid could pose problems to an old infrastructure. It could overload circuits and cause power outages.

Could the same problems hound the adoption of solar power for Philippines homes? Well, it has already started. Meralco has a stiff Net Metering fee for home owners who want to build their own Grid-tied Solar Power systems.

Are Grid-tied Power Solutions the only way to go? Should we instead veer away from grid-tied solutions and go completely grid-less?

We’ll ask solar power providers on these issues and more in our next renewable energy article. Stay tuned.


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