Get a doorbell, security cam and LED light in Chamberlain’s Notifi

Get a doorbell, security cam and LED light in Chamberlain’s Notifi

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We just love all-in-one devices: washing machines that have their own dryers, oven toasters with their own coffee maker to all-in-one printers.  We just love the convenience of having these devices.    At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015,  they’ve crammed a doorbell, security cam and LED light into one device.  Check out the pic below:

chamberlain notifi all-in-one


According to Chamberlain, you can easily install this onto a vacant lightbulb socket, attach the tethered security camera and then place the wireless doorbell at a spot where you want it.   Whenever someone pushes the doorbell, the light,  microphone and camera turn on. The audio from the bulb and the video from the security cam are all  transmitted wirelessly to a Wi-Fi bridge inside your home.   These, in turn, can be transmitted to a computer or  your smartphone.

This is great if you want to beef up your front door security or if you don’t want to answer annoying salesmen or obnoxious friends. Or pesky relatives visiting you.

The Chamberlain Notifi will be available  3rd quarter of this year.




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