Get Hanabishi Appliances When You’re Living on Your Own

Get Hanabishi Appliances When You’re Living on Your Own

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Is it time to move out of the house or get one on your own? Hanabishi has some practical advice. Check it out below.

For those who have finally taken that crucial step into adulthood, nothing feels like the satisfaction and excitement of moving into their own pad.  However thrilling the experience may be, they shouldn’t forget the practical side—furnishing the new home with the essentials they need to survive on their own.  Here are a few practical tips to check out:


Get multi-purpose items

Not only does doing this give more value for money, but it will also save on space. A sofa that converts into a bed would work wonders in a small studio, for example, as would a storage chest that doubles as a coffee table.

In the kitchen, avoid tools and appliances that can only do one thing. A multi-cooker like Hanabishi’s 9-in-1 will serve any college student, new graduate or young professional well. Not only is it an automatic rice cooker, it also functions as a broiler, braising pan, steamer, slow cooker, deep fryer, stir fryer, food warmer, and cooker for stews and even barbecue. Another multi-tasker is the Hanabishi blender which is good not only for making delicious, healthy shakes, but also for pureed soups, sauces, and dressing as well.

Hanabishi Blender

Invest in good cookware

The three most basic pots and pans for starter condo, apartment or townhouse are a stockpot (for boiling water, cooking pasta, making soup and stews), a saucepan (for making sauces, heating up soup), and a sauté pan (for pretty much everything else).

Make sure that the pots match the type of stove in the home, though. If using a stove like the Hanabishi induction cooker, the user needs cookware that are magnetic—cast iron, steel, magnetic stainless steel, and ceramic-clad or enamelled iron pots and pans. It may be worth investing in these because in the long run, one can save a lot on electricity by using an induction cooker.


Don’t forget the essentials

First-time independent girls and guys may overlook the small necessities—dishes, utensils, towels, and bed linen, but obviously these are needed as well. They don’t have to be matchy-matchy; in fact unmatched dinnerware has its own charm as long as the new nester can  pull it off with flair.


Prioritize good air circulation

Good ventilation is crucial to keep that pad from getting too stuffy. A good electric fan, like the Hanabishi Windmill, will keep the air flowing. Its internal motor is durable, as are the thick banana type blades, allowing the fan to keep the air moving at a comfortable velocity all day long. It also has a low electric consumption.

To up the coolness factor, consider the Hanabishi Air Cooler. It can lower the ambient temperature by 2 to 3 degrees—and in the sweltering heat, 28° is so much cooler than 30° —and can maintain the cooler air for six to eight hours. Keeping the windows open can also help with the air circulation, but this may leave the room occupant vulnerable to mosquitos, so it’s worth investing in an insect killer. The heavy duty violet light tube attracts and electrocutes flying insects, and since it emits no fumes of smoke, it is also better for the air quality.


Be practical

Good quality home products don’t have to come with a hefty price tag, so it’s a misconception to think that there’s a need to get the priciest items in the malls to guarantee good performance. Affordability can come with high quality, such as in the case of Hanabishi products.

It’s a great time to relish the joy of being on one’s own!