Get the new TCL smart home appliances

Get the new TCL smart home appliances

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TCL went all out at the virtual CES 2021 event. Aside from launching their newest home entertainment systems and mobile devices, they also unveiled their latest smart home appliances: Ocarina AC, X10 Washing Machine, the C470 Refrigerator, the Breeva A3 air purifier, and the TCL Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Air Conditioner

Are you looking for a new air conditioner? You’re in luck as TCL launched their IoT enabled TCL Ocarina. The AC unit can connect to a smart TV, phone, and any compatible devices via the TCL Home App or Google Assistant. On top of that, Ocarina’s Gentle Breeze feature ensures cool air flows in a way that’s natural, breeze-like, and more comfortable.

The new TCL AC unit also has Deep Clean function, an advanced combination of washing, drying, and antibacterial, and promises to remove most germs, dust, and pollution.

Washing Machine

TCL also launched its latest smart washing machine, the X10, that integrates intelligent home connectivity through the TCL Home App. With Wi-Fi control, washing cycles are fully customizable, including cycle volume and duration. There are multiple washing programs with full coverage of types of laundry items. 

The TCL X10 washing machine can also help sort the washing. It has a front loader and a top loader equipped with a DD motor allowing both units to either run separately or simultaneously.


TCL’s latest C470 refrigerator features a 21.5″ smart LED screen designed to bring more fun into the kitchen. The C470 also features Power Cool that can cool drinks in just five minutes, and Power Freeze can fast freeze meat in 10 minutes.C470’s door gasket has a dustproofing protection layer that has an antibacterial agent inside.

Air Purifier

The TCL Breeva A3 is TCL’s latest air purifier featuring “Breeva Shield,” a shield made up of UV-C light and Ionizer to handle bacteria and airborne microbes. It has a 3-stage filtration system to deal with dust, pollen, smoke, and pet odors in the air. It can purify the air in spaces up to 32 square meters and clean up to 270 cubic meters of air per hour. Also, it has built-in air quality sensors.

At night, its Ultra Quiet sleep mode and display-off feature help Breeva A3 users sleep soundly.

Vacuum Cleaner

The TCL Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a super-slim 70mm tall robot vacuum cleaner that can work under most furniture. It can handle room thresholds over 20 mm, and it doesn’t get stuck when it meets a thick rug or small steps. The TCL Robot Vacuum Cleaner also has a sophisticated sensor system that delivers a smart, clean home.

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