Get yourselves Crealty 3D printers

Get yourselves Crealty 3D printers

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We all want to be our homes to be food and energy sustainable. But did you know you can also fabricate and create plastic parts for your home? Well, a 3D printer can do that. 

Creality, a leading 3D printer supplier and manufacturer, successfully held an online exhibition tour during CES 2021 and launched its new CR-200B, Sermoon D1, and the popular LD-006 Resin 3D with other models. 

The CR 200B has a transparent, completely enclosed chamber can support high-temperature filaments. It’s powered by an industry-quality voltage power supply with a safety system.

Its newly designed nozzle kit has excellent thermal conductance features, wear-resistance, and stability, smoothly filament-pushing. It also has a dual-fan that provides an ideal heat dissipation environment. It also provides online printing and real-time remote control.

The Sermoon D1 has an aluminum alloy frame with a transparent double-door design, making it convenient to monitor the printing in all directions. This 3D printer has double z-axis, T-type double screw rod, V-wheel synchronous component, and XY synchronous bearing, higher precision, and stability.  It comes equipped with a self-developed silent mainboard and operates with low noise.

The Creality Sermoon D1 can also resume printing through its filament runout sensor.

Last but not least, the  LD-006 Resin 3D has a clear display, guaranteeing printing without blurs or grains at 4k resolution-3840x2400dpi; XY axis precision-0.05mm. 

It also a new directional, Matrix light source with Min. angle 2°, quartz LED, and even ultraviolet radiation to ensure printing quality.  It has a sturdy Z-axis Structure: Z-axis, based on dual linear slide rails and T-rod, to achieves better precision and smoother surface.

It also integrates a dual-fan cooling system; Active carbon air purification for an odor-free user experience. The 3D printing action happens inside a resin vat with a liquid level meter to prevent resin waste and protect the release film from being scratched or contaminated.

So make your home self sustaining and create your own plastic pieces and parts with these new 3D printers. 

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