Joggy Security Camera is Small but Awesome

Joggy Security Camera is Small but Awesome

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I’ve always wanted a portable security cam device that I can carry in my bag or purse. Even better? How about attaching said device to a wall without having to install a wall mount or bracket.

Well, I went online to see if there was one and lo and behold, I found one.

The Joggy Security Cam is a small wireless security camera. It’s unobstrusive enough so other people can’t notice it recording them. Plus mounting the Joggy is quite easy as it has optional magnetic clasps, clips and suction caps.

But it does more than just record video and take pictures. You can use it to detect home intrusions, look after people (baby, pets, your annoying nephews) and even as a parking aid device. This HD video recording device has GPS tracking and an acceoloremeter.

In case you’re traveling, you can put this in your luggage or bag so you’ll know where it is. The Joggy is even waterproof and shockproof.

Joggy Security Camera

You can even find your mobile phone with it. If you have the Joggy app loaded in your device, you can use the Joggy Security Cam to find it. All you need to do is shake the Joggy and the mobile phone app will emit a chime.

To store captured images and photos, the Joggy integrates a micro SD slot that accomodate up to 16GB storage. If that’s not enough, you can use its cloud service to sync photos and videos in it.

This is one security device that I want for myself.
(Editor’s note: We also want this for ourselves).

It should start shipping to backers this October so check out its Indiegogo page or click here.