Kaspersky Lab 2045 Forecast for the Smart Homes

Kaspersky Lab 2045 Forecast for the Smart Homes

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Kaspersky Lab, makers of the popular Kaspersky Anti-Virus program, came out with their 2045 forecast (yes, you read that right, that’s 30 years from now). They’ve come out with some pretty awesome and interesting trends for the coming decades.

Kaspersky Lab says that in 2045, we’ll be seeing a lot of robots. Not only will robots do our menial chores like cleaning the floor or mowing the lawn, they will do heavy duty labor like constructing homes, buildings and more.

In the decades to come, robot software and applications will make leaps and bounds and  the IT industry will be at the forefront of this revolutionary work.

3D Printers will also become fast and cheap. Today, the most basic and cheapest 3D printer costs around US$500 to US$1000 but according to the Kaspersky Lab 3D printers  will be commonplace by 2045. Thirty years from now, 3D printers will enable people to design and create what they need, from household items like dishes and clothes to the building bricks for a future home.

Kaspersky 2045 Forecast

And by 2045,  we will have truly automated  Smart homes.

The Kaspersky Lab report says that software will be key in running a smart home. Everything will be automated and intelligent software for smart homes will take care of energy, water, food and other supplies consumption and replenish them if need be.
The human element required for the smart home?  Money for transactions and payments for utilities.  Drat.

Check out the rest of the Kaspersky Labs 2045 forecast by clicking on this link.


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