Knocki Turns Any Surface into a Smart One

Knocki Turns Any Surface into a Smart One

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Now this is something interesting. Do you want to turn any surface, a table, a wall into a smart one? Well, there is one now. Knocki is a small wireless device that promises to  instantly transform ordinary surfaces (walls, tables, doors, furniture, counter-tops, & more) into powerful yet easy to access remotes for your favorite devices and software.

Here’s how it works.


Using Knocki is easy. Just tap simple gestures anywhere on a Knocki-enabled surface to automate all kinds of useful actions.

The Knocki can help you turn on your phone,  lights or even dim lights.
Knocki promises to work  well  with a WiFi internet connection allowing users”tap” into many powerful functions, even if your only smart device is an iPhone or Android phone.

Knocki promises to be the easiest way to add “smarts” to your existing home, without the wiring, installation, complexity and expense of many alternative smart home control systems.

But if you already have a few smart devices, you can immediately expand what Knocki can do, and transform “dumb” surfaces all around your home or office into intelligent interfaces.


Each Knocki includes a special mount featuring our patent-pending SurfaceLink™ technology to ensure a solid connection to a surface for transmission of gesture signals. Knocki’s mount can be secured using the included 3M removable tape, or with screws (also included).

It’s going to be available by the end of the year so if you want one, check out its Kickstarter page or click here.