LG Turbo Washers Can Handle Big Loads

LG Turbo Washers Can Handle Big Loads

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If you got a big household, chances are, you wash a ton of laundry every week.

That’s why we love washing machines that let you do more. We also love washing machines that can handle huge loads and do it fast. Just like the LG Washing Machine with TurboWash and TurboShot technologies.

And we feel that LG’s front load washers will be perfect to handle laundry during the rainy season.

LG’s new Front Load washers will allow you to reduce washing time on each large load of laundry. And even if it the load is big, it wont compromise cleaning performance.

LG’s 3 Way TurboWash™, can reduce the time to wash clothes. It can wash a one kilogram laundry load in as fast as 15 minutes. With these LG front load washing machines, you can shave off 15 minutes from a really heavy load.

LG’s TurboShot Technology makes sure that your laundry gets superior washing and rinsin. It does that and more in a hygienic tub.

LG Turbo  Technology Washing Machines

With its rapid drum motion and waterfall-like jets to penetrate deep into fabrics and dissolve detergent more efficiently. It’ll remove tough stains faster, while helping yield impressive energy and water savings.

That’s not the only good thing about these LG Front Load washing machines. They feature the Motion Direct Drive (6 Motion DD) capability. It’ll wash clothes with more care and movement; it’s the closest you can get to hand washing. This is a great feature, especially if you want your favorite clothes washed properly.

It’s also great for your delicates, underwear and more.

It’ll be the perfect perfect partner in maintaining a happy home this laundry-heavy season. Big loads of family laundry are now more manageable with LG’s state-of-the art washers

We hope to get our hands on one soon. To learn more about LG TurboWash washing machine, visit www.lg.com/ph or click here.