MediaTek is making it easier for developers to create Wi-Fi enabled IoT devices

MediaTek is making it easier for developers to create Wi-Fi enabled IoT devices

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is happening and the IT and consumer electronics companies are coming out with IoT technologies and developments. MediaTek, known for their wearable tech developments,  is  throwing their lot with the rest of the big guys. They’re making it easier for people to create Wi-Fi enabled IoT devices.

Based on MediaTek’s MT7681 Wi-Fi System on Chip (SoC), MediaTek’s Linkit Connect 7681 platform is supposed to simplify the creation of IoT devices. This is turn will allow developers to focus on making innovative home IoT products.

This new platform provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) available for Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux developers. There’s also a Hardware Development Kit (HDK) co-designed with Seeed Studio and related documentation. The SDK will enable developers to compile and upload firmware needed to control an IoT device. The HDK delivers the LinkIt Connect 7681 development board which includes includes the LinkIt Connect 7681 module, micro-USB port and pins for each of the I/O interfaces of the MT7681 chips.

MediaTek Linkit Features

Connectivity on the platformed can be enabled via Wi-Fi either through Wi-Fi station or access point (AP) mode. The difference between these modes is this: In Wi-Fi station mode, the MediaTek platform will connect to a Wireless AP and then “talk” with web services or cloud servers. This could be used to turn on your air condition or telling the lights in your home to switch on. In AP mode, the MT7681 chip lets other wireless devices connect directly to it.

The availability of the MediaTek platform should make it easier for developers to churn out more IoT devices thus making these connected devices readily available to consumers. Yey!

For more information, please visit the MediaTek Labs site or click here.


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