Mist is World’s Smartest Sprinkler System

Mist is World’s Smartest Sprinkler System

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If you’ve got a pretty decent grass-covered lawn,  watering them is always a concern.   It’s either  your lawn is not getting enough water or there’s too much of it. But there’s also  the need to conserve water. So we went online to see if there’s a smart sprinkler system to help you irrigate your lawn and conserve water. We found one.

It’s called Mist  and the makers say it is the World’s Smartest Sprinkler System.

It has its dedicated sprinkler controller and sensors. So what does it do? Well, the Mist can  track soil moisure, sun intensity and temperature in real time. It even collects the information in aggregate.  Using this data, it can optimize irrigation for each part of the lawn or yard while using up to 50% less water.

This will be a great appliance/device  to keep your yard or lawn green even during the hot summer months. Or when there’s water shortage or rationing in your areas.

Check out the video below:

And if ever your part of the world is going through a drought, the Mist Sprinkler has the drought mode.

If utilized,  the system applies the smallest amount needed to keep drought-vulnerable plants alive.

With its wireless moisture sensors, it can measure real-time water needs across your lawn. When connected to your sprinkler sytem, it will turn on by itself when needed.  You won’t need to go out and turn and off the sprinklers or  tinker with the sprinkler settings yourself.

It’ll even provide recommendations and suggestions on how to irrigate your lawn properly. How  does it do that?  By combining all information gathered from the sensors, watering history and weather information.

What’s great about it is that you can control everything from your smartphone.  The Mist App lets you control the functions of the sprinkler system.  You can aso use the Mist App to turn off/on  watering zones manually. You can also set the days or time to stop watering and more.

It’s currently available on Indiegogo and it still requires backing. We think this is a swell upgrade for the aging sprinkler system.

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