Noocity Growbed lets You Grow Vegetable, Fruits Easily

Noocity Growbed lets You Grow Vegetable, Fruits Easily

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If you want to a truly own and sustain a Smart Home, you may want to put in some effort to grow your own vegetables or fruits.  Homes with a considerable lawn or lot size can easily put in a vegetable patch or grow fruit trees. But what if you don’t have that big a space?  Well, there’s an Indiegogo project that will allow you to grow vegetables through a self-contained,  self-watering and self-fertilizing (optional) gardening system.

Noocity Growbed

Called the Noocity Growbed,  it’s  a garden in a box but what’s special about it is that you don’t have to water it every day and you don’t even have to fertilize your plants.  All you need to do is get some soil, your chosen vegetables or fruit seeds or plants you want to grow, water and fertilizers (if you want it).  According to the Indiegogo project, The Noocity Growbed is self-sufficient for up to three weeks, solving common problems such as excess or insufficient watering and drastically reducing water loss through evaporation or drainage.

That means all you have to do is wait for the plants to grow and bear fruits. You’ll probably need to tend to your garden box, but at least you don’t have to worry about watering it or putting in fertilizers.

Hopefully, the Growbed meets its goals and becomes available for everyone.

Visit their Indiegogo page now.