Noria Air Conditioner is Light and Easy to Install

Noria Air Conditioner is Light and Easy to Install

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You know how big and clunky air conditioners are.  You also know they’re heavy and will likely give you a hernia if you lug it around on a daily basis (which we hope you won’t).

Well, the Noria Air Conditioner begs to differ.

Noria was designed to address all the pain points of current window air conditioners. It has a great design and it’s easy to install and even provides remote connectivity.  It has an intuitive thermostat knob interface and smart features that let you control Noria via bluetooth . You can even make energy saving schedules from your iPhone or Android device.

And it’s pretty slim for an air conditioner. Check out the video below.


You can basically carry it around like a piece of heavy luggage and it weighs around 30 pounds.

Installation is pretty easy as well. Noria comes with a special window frame adapter to ensure a safe and easy installation. The adapter is installed first to create a secure, sealed socket into which Noria slides and locks in place. It also has its own  handle and rounded sides further aid with installation, removal, and storage.

The horizontal installation feature is the current orientation but the makers are currently working on the vertical installation orientation.

So if you want a lightweight AC for your home or apartment, check out the Noria.  It’s currently on Kickstarter but it has already met its funding goal. It’ll start shipping next year. Click here for more information.