Oomi has Everything You Need for a Smart Home

Oomi has Everything You Need for a Smart Home

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It’s great that people keep coming up with great Smart Home products. It give us more ideas and more options to use.

We’ve seen a few everything-you-need-is-here offerings for Smart Homes. These end-to-end solutions are great because it simplifies installation and use. And you don’t have to make disparate wireless devices to work together.

Oomi is another Indiegogo project that offers everything you need to make your home truly smart.

It has the Oomi Touch which is a tablet that allows users to control the Oomi devices and use its dedicated applications. Plus you can control any TV with it.

Oomi Touch

Then there’s the Oomi Cube. It’s not just the Smart Home Hub. It packs in a ton of home and security sensors.

It’s A Noise and Motion Detector. It’s also a UV, temperature, humidity and ambient light sensor. On top of that, it integrates vibration and glass break sensors.  And it’s all contained in this one boxy device.

Oomi Cube

The Oomi also has the Bulb which allows home owners to change the color of bulb. If you want soothing light at the end of a tiring work day, then just set it to color that you like.

There’s more. The Oomi Plug lets you turn an ordinary outlet into a smart one. This plug has a built in USB port to charge any device, plus it can monitor energy consumption.

And if you want your home to be smart, you can also have the Oomi Multsensor. It can detect motion, light, UV rays, vibrations and humidity. It functions as another set of security device. It can even turn on the light for you whe you enter the room.

Oomi Smart Devices

Oomi has a few more devices that you can use.

According to the Oomi Team, it’s easy to use and set up. You can have Oomi devices working within 5 minutes which is pretty impressive. The best part is that if the Internet connection goes down, you’ll still be able to control your Oomi devices. That’s because its hub resides within the Cube. It can still control your devices even without the Internet or Cloud Service.

Check out their video here.

It already met its funding goal and should be available this October.




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