Own KODA the robotic dog

Own KODA the robotic dog

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You’ve read about robot vacuum cleaners. And we’re pretty sure that some of you own one already. So do you still want more robot helpers in your smart home? How about a robot dog? 

KODA Inc., a robotics company, is announcing the pre-sale of its first robotic dog model. KODA is not some robotic toy dog. It is functional from both pragmatic and emotional perspectives and thus can interact socially with its owners. It’s all made possible through the company’s blockchain-enabled decentralized AI infrastructure.

 The robot dog promises to serve many purposes: family companion, seeing-eye dog, a vigilant guard dog, and even as powerful supercomputer capable of solving complex problems. Hopefully, it can help with your kid’s Calculus homework.

Koda can guard your family. With multi-source and heterogenous sensors, Koda can detect gas and fire and warn you immediately. It can even patrol your home with routines and let you know if anything unusual happened.

Koda can even provide recovering patients with companionship, comfort, and emotional support. Because it has access to a supercomputer, Koda can document all aspects of patients’ recovery and respond appropriately, and request help in case of emergencies. And since it has a supercomputer, it will continually evolve and learn.

To join the pre-sale, you will need to put down an entirely refundable deposit of US$1,000; the final retail cost will be around a whopping US$45,000-$55,000 range.

So if you have extra cash to spend this holiday season and want a robotic dog, click here to know more.