Pinch is the Smallest Titanium Tool with 11 Functions

Pinch is the Smallest Titanium Tool with 11 Functions

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Great things come in small packages. That’s why we want the Wondercube. It’s got almost everything you need if you need a device that can charge, connect,  synch (and more) your smartphone or tablet.  We also love the Pinch, the smallest multi-tool we’ve come across.

Pinch Multitool

It is pretty small but it is made of titanium so it won’t break easily. But as you can see,  it ain’t much to look at. Still, appearances can be deceiving.  The Pinch is a hex wrench, bottle opener, mini pry bar, wire stripper notch,  and nail puller (not the ones attached to your fingers).  You can also use it as a  flat screw driver, a mini scraper, hex bit holder,  mini ruler, plus it has a key chain hole so you can attach this to your set of keys.

It  won’t replace your big-ass tools or your super useful Swiss Knife  but it can help you in a pinch (pun intended).

It’s currently on Kickstarter and it has already reached its funding goal but before you go out and pledge your hard earned cash for this project,  be reminded that using this small tool will require a lot of finger strength. So be ready to exercise and flex your finger muscles before getting this one.

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