PLDT Home & Smart Subscribers get FOX VOD

PLDT Home & Smart Subscribers get FOX VOD

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If you love video-on-demand (VOD) , then you’ll love this next great piece of news.

PLDT Home and Smart Communications want to be no.1 in  video-on-demand vervice.

Last time, they partnered with iFlix, one of SoutheastAsia’ leading Internet TV service providers.

This time, they’re bringing in more big guns in the video on-demand space.   They partnered with Fox International Channels, one of the biggest global entertainment companies.

PLDT Smart Fox Partnership

PLDT Home DSL and Smart Subscribers can enjoy FOX Video-on-Demand and the top-up service for just P99 per month.

Fox Channels don’t just cover movies and TV series.   This is the cable channel where you get to watch the coolest TV shows on the planet.  Not only that but you get to watch National Geographic, Nat Geo People and Nat Geo Wild. They also got Fox News, Fox Sports, Channel M and Star Chinese Channel.

Imagine watching all episodes of the Walking Dead. Or the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.   Watch Guardians of the Galaxy, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and more. How about Nat Geo specials that you missed out because it was a working week?

Or watch F1 Races, live sports broadcasts and more.

Now you can all watch them without any interruptions, any time, anywhere.

PLDT Home DSL subscribers can enjoy FOX VOD and the top-up service for just P99 per month.  You’ll get it free if you’re a PLDT Fiber subscriber.  PLDT Home Subscribers will get it for free if you upgrade to TVolution or Telpad plan.

Triple play subscribers will get free access to FOX VOD and FOX Play. They also get FOX Movies and Fox Sports.

Smart subscribers aren’t left out. You can binge watch all you want for P99 a month. If budget’s a little tight, then watch it all for 3 Days for only P50.

We love video-on-demand. Back then, we can only watch and listen as people talk about Netflix. Now we can binge watch as well.

Make sure that you’ve got enough bandwidth to watch these TV series and movies.

We watched Wedding Crashers on iflix and it was pretty great but it hiccuped once in a while.

But that didn’t stop us from finishing the movie.

For more information, visit the PLDT Home Page or Smart site.



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