PowerGistics Home Hub Unclutters Your Digital Home

PowerGistics Home Hub Unclutters Your Digital Home

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Don’t you hate mobile phones, laptops, and other digital devices placed haphazardly everywhere in the home? How about storing them and then charging them all in one place? Well, you got a solution for you.

PowerGistics, a US manufacturer of unique vertical charging Towers for classrooms and businesses worldwide, makes it easy to charge and store mobile devices at home with their new Home Hub products.

 The new PowerGistics Home Hub and Home Hub USB will hide unsightly cords and keep your home, work, and school devices protected and charged. Designed for the whole family, even the youngest users can access and put away their technology, keeping countertops and tables free from device and cord clutter in your home. 

After years of selling into education and businesses, PowerGistics realized a gap exists in the home charging market. 

These home units will be available in 3 color choices to blend in well with home decor in the kitchen, home office, or anywhere you keep your technology. Extra outlets allow for charging other devices such as earbuds, handheld controllers, Bluetooth speakers, and more. 

PowerGistics Home Hub

All PowerGistics products are made with the highest quality materials and produced with precision. PowerGistics products are made of high-grade aluminum and molded with the newest technology laser cutting machines. While built to last, these products bring a softer feel to the home. 

The Home Hub and Home Hub USB are already available. Click here for more information.


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