Router maker TP-LINK Will Soon Release Mobile Phones

Router maker TP-LINK Will Soon Release Mobile Phones

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Well, it was bound to happen.  The mobile phone market isn’t that saturated yet so TP-LINK, one of the  largest global provider of Wi-Fi networking products, has recently announced  Neffos, its new  product line of smartphones.  It’ll be the first time TP-LINK will be coming out with new smartphones and it’s clearly  a bid to expand its scope of business.

TP-LINK Router

Neffos smartphone’s key concept  is to offer a user-friendly design that’s smart and simple.  Jeffrey Chao, president of TP-LINK said that the company’s  original intention of developing Neffos was about creating a unique digital experience by establishing a seamless connection between people and devices .  He said TP-LINK believes a real smartphone could provide a sense of joy of technology for users while at the same time offer a simple lifestyle for them in such era of information explosion, so that for users, the smartphone is not just a tool, but a fashion icon to reflect oneself.

The release of Neffos also marks TP-LINK’s expansion from fixed equipment (router, smart home system, cloud service) to mobile device.  Will it be cheaper than most mobile phones? We think they will be.  We’re also guessing that it’ll integrate better Wi-Fi and router capabilities.

TP-LINK has been doing pretty well. According to the IDC2015 ranking, TP-LINK’s global market share in Wi-Fi products has reached 42.9 percent, which is 33.42 percent higher than the second place. Its success gives large credit to the company’s consistent consideration of close to life as the core development philosophy through research and development of high-quality products.

With the current accumulation of technology in the telecommunication industry, TP-LINK thrives to make the best of humanized design. The smartphone is a breakthrough for TP-LINK to set up a link with smart devices through standard protocol to create an ideal digital ecosystem for users.

“In the future, we would like to create an intelligent identification ability in different scenes to automatically activate and control relevant devices for users. Via our smartphones, users will have a closer connection with their home devices,” said Chao.

For more information, visit the TP-LINK web site or click here