Samsung Rolls Out New Digital Appliances for Changing Consumer Needs

Samsung Rolls Out New Digital Appliances for Changing Consumer Needs

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Samsung Electronics Philippines is  making sure that for each stage of life  people have, their appliances will be available to  help them live better, happier lives.

The Korean manufacturer recently unveiled their latest Digital Appliances as part of  the company’s  drive to adapt to changing consumer needs: living independently, living together and raising a family.

Samsung released a  new multi-door refrigerator,  a smart microwave oven, a Wi-fi enabled inverter air conditioner , a front loading Washing Machine and Dryer, and Samsung Activdualwash  washing machine.  But instead of the usual product launch, Samsung unveiled all of them with a well-thought-out Musical about changing lives.

Samsung unveiled their Smart Oven which allows people not just microwave food but also do it through convection, grill and even ferment dough (great for baking bread and making yogurt).

Samsung Smart Oven

For homes with two or more people,  Samsung recommends their Food Showcase Refrigerator.  It has a fridge within a fridge design allowing consumers  to put frequently eaten food and beverages within the first compartment.  Consumers can put larger and long lasting items deeper in the fridge.  With its metal cooling door, the FSR can restore the temperature in the fridge faster than a conventional door.

Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator

Samsung also unveiled the AR7000, their  Wi-Fi enabled  inverter air conditioner. This air conditioner allows  users to control it via their Smartphone app.  The AR7000 also features a triangular design enabling quicker, further and wider cooling.

Samsung AR7000 Digital Inverter Air Conditioner

The main highlight of the launch was the Samsung Activ Dualwash Washing Machine,  a top load fully automatic washing machine.  What’s great about the Activdualwash is its dedicated sink, washboard and water jet built into the washer.

If you need to pre-treat some clothes, you have to get  a wash basin,  and do it in a sink. Then you have to transfer the pre-treated clothes onto the washing machine.  It’s messy and it’s tiring. For most Filipino homes,  a sink is not available in the  laundry area and  people have to pre-treat clothes on their haunches.

Samsung Activdualwash Washing Machine

It’s a task that’s unforgiving on the back and legs.  The Samsung Activ Dualwash helps ease those back pain and leg problems with its dedicated sink.  No need to bring a wash basin and water or doing it on  haunches. Users  can pre-treat clothes on the sink and washboard. Press on the Waterjet button to get water. Once pre-treatment is done, consumers need only to lift the sink and the clothes slide off to washing machine compartment.  The sink/washboard also has holes on the sides so there’s no need to worry about excess water.

The Samsung Activ Dualwash’s controls are waterproof plus it features new ways to solve tangling, detergent residue and lint reduction. For more information on these new digital appliances, please visit the Samsung Site or click here.

Next month, we’ll review the  Samsung Activ Dualwash Washing Machine so stay tuned.








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