Sleep Better with Luna Smart Mattress Cover

Sleep Better with Luna Smart Mattress Cover

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We’ve seen a few smart home devices that help you to sleep: LED Lights, sound devices and more. But we’re really intrigued about the Luna Smart Mattress Cover. Why? Well, this Smart Matress promises to help you sleep.

It’s not an actual bed but just a mattress cover. Yeah, we know it’s awesome. Check out the video below.


Since it’s just a Mattress Cover, all you need to do is slip into your mattress and pair it with your smartphone.

It will intelligently manage the temperature of your bed and track your sleep. It will even integrate with other WiFi devices in your home.

It’ll make your sleep even more comfortable by controling the temperature of your bed. It has a dual zone technology that can provide different temperatures for each side of the bed. If you want it a little warmer, you can set the Luna App to make your side of the bed to the temperature that you like. Your bed partner can have her/his own bed side temperature as well.

That’s not the only thing it can do. It can track the quality of your sleep including sleep phases, heart rate, and breathing rate. And you don’t have to wear anything to bed. The Luna has sensors to detect your sleeping patterns and body. It’ll use the collected information and provide recommendations on how to sleep better. It’s all done thanks to its Smartphone app.

Luna helps you sleep better by intelligently managing your bed temperature and tracking sleep patterns.

Luna helps you sleep better by intelligently managing your bed temperature and tracking sleep patterns.

And get this. It has built-in alarm system that will wake you at the right moment of light sleep. You won’t have to wake up  groggy and grumpy during mornings or evenings.

Luna’s sensing technology identifies the correct moment in your sleep cycle to wake you up at your highest energy level.

It’ll fit onto any Full, Queen and King size mattresses, up to 21 inches tall. And if you have other smart devices in your bedroom, the Luna will work with them a well.

Luna has already met its funding goal and you can put in an order for it.

Check out  Indiegogo or click here


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