Smartphones with 4K screens and Climate Change

Smartphones with 4K screens and Climate Change

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On today’s Smart Homes Now! Blog,  Sony’s new smartphone with a 4K screen. Yes, you read that right.  High-end TVs aren’t the only ones with 4K screens.  Smartphones will have them too and Sony is the first one to come out.

The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium can capture video in “ultra-high definition” quality  or 4K.  And here’s the great thing: it’ll play the captured 4K video on its 5.5in (14cm) display without downscaling the video.

4K resolution provides about 4x the number of pixels that 1080p high definition video generates. That’s a lot of colors but the question is when will the 4K content arrive? Sony did say that while there’s been little 4K content, they’re still banking on it.  The Z5 will be able to upscale videos streamed from Youtube and other streaming video services.



But what about the battery? Because this kind of power will definitely eat any battery like a light snack. The Sony Xperia Z5 packs in a a 3,430 mAh battery. It’s more than enough but it will also integrate memory-on-display tech. That’s something we don’t hear every day.  The memory-on-display tech  will allow a static image to remain on show without needing extra processing power. These innovations will allow it to run longer, perhaps longer than a day before needing a recharge.

Oh, and did we mention it was water proof?



The Xperia Z5 does more than play 4K video. It has a better camera stabilization features,  better low-light capture technology and “phase-detecton” features to the camera sensor.  According to the Sony,  these new camera features will speed up autofocus and will even cover the complete frame instead of what’s just in the center of the camera.

Check out the Sony Web site or click here.

Now here’s something that’s close to our hearts (and should be yours as well).  Smart Homes Now! espouses the use of alternative energy to power up homes. We’ve featured solar power, wind power, and more. We also espouse technologies that lessen the impact on the environment. We’re doing this because we want to help and prevent the disastrous effects of Climate Change.  It’s all over the news. Massive flooding in areas where it hasn’t happened before.  There’s  rise of water levels, drought in so many areas,  extreme hot temperatures and more. Check out NASA’s site for the present and future consequences of climate change.

There’s even unexplained animal deaths like the antelopes dying in Africa for no apparent reason.  It’s all tied to Climate Change. It’s already happening and some scientists believe we’re beyond the point where we can avert it. It will affect everyone on the planet.

It’s time to act now. Let’s do our share.  If you can use alternative energy like solar or wind energy to power up your home, do it now. If you can’t afford it, make sure to conserve electricity and water. Make sure electrical appliances are working in tip top shape so it’ll be energy efficient. Replace old ones with new ones with reduced wattage. Use systems like Wattsmart.

We have to do something now and Smart Homes Now! will do its share. We’ll provide you with information that’ll help you  conserve and preserve energy and water.

We all need to do this now. For ourselves, for our children and their children. For future generations.


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