TAPP Padlock Opens and Locks with a Fingerprint

TAPP Padlock Opens and Locks with a Fingerprint

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Padlocks secure just about everything. But one of the biggest pains with padlocks is losing the key or forgetting the number combination (if you happen to use a number padlock).

Once you lose the key or the code,  only way you’re going to open one is to use a hammer or even a sledgehammer. The TAPP Padlock solves that problem by getting rid of the key. You open and lock it with a fingerprint.

TAPP is the only padlock that is smart enough to access without a key, combination code, or smartphone. It  unlocks with a tap in under one second and it only needs your fingerprint.

Using an encrypted fingerprint sensor, it grants access with just a tap in 0.8 seconds, making it the fastest padlock on earth. Designed to keep unwanted guests out, there’s a built in alarm that will activate if the lock is cut or if anyone without authorization tries to open it.

Since it’s a smartlock, you can use it with a smartphone. You can grant anyone access to your lock from anywhere in the world with the TappLock app. Up to 200 fingerprints can be stored, and you can customize the time, location, and duration of access. When you want to revoke access, do it with just a tap. With Tapplock and Tapplock Lite, you’re always in control.


It’s lightweight, water-resistant, and has a  long-lasting battery life

TappLock has a lithium ion battery, that can last up to 3 years on one charge. You also have the option of accessing your lock through your phone, using bluetooth 4.1.

It’s currently on indiegogo and it has already met its funding goal. If you want to get one, visit its Indiegogo page or click here.