Tesla Powerwall  is the  Energy Storage a Smart Home Needs

Tesla Powerwall is the Energy Storage a Smart Home Needs

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Tesla Motors, the makers of the phenomenal Tesla Cars, just made batteries for the home and it’s not just to charge their cars.

The electric car maker recently unveiled Powerwall, a battery system that can run your home.

It’s an automated battery and energy backup system. Home owners can use it to store electricity from their solar power generators. According to Tesla, it can power up homes in the evening when it has stored enough electricity.
It’s also useful during power outages or brownouts as a backup electricity system.

The Powerwall hopes to solve the issue of excess solar energy generated by solar panel. Solar energy is plentiful and current battery systems aren’t enough to store them. Which is why Grid-based systems offer the best way to get rid of excess electricity.  But as some of you know, it puts a strain in the old infrastructure.

Instead of selling it back to the power company, you can store it with the Powerwall and use it for the home day and night.

Check out how the Tesla Powerwall looks and their specs.

Tesla Powerwall Specs


If the Powerwall System is all it’s cracked up to be, this is the system Smart Home owners will want.

If you’re looking for a hybrid energy system or you want to rely less on the grid-based ones, this could be the system you’ll need.

Visit the Powerwall Tesla Motors site for more information or click here.


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