The Hive is your All-in-one Smart Home, Security and Entertainment Hub

The Hive is your All-in-one Smart Home, Security and Entertainment Hub

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Sometimes it is a pain to have multiple devices that operate your home security, automation, and entertainment devices.  Wouldn’t it be great if you can  just use one device to control all of your connected devices at home?

Well, The Hive, a Kickstarter project,  promises to be The Hub for your Smart Home.  The Hive Brain  lets users control their home automation devices, home security devices, Bluetooth and Wi-fi devices.  It promises to work with half-a-billion security devices through its support of Z-Wave, communications protocol to control home security and automation devices,  and ZigBee, protocol used to create personal area networks built from small, low-power digital radios)  It’ll work with Android or Apple Smartphone applications.

The Hive Brain and Sound

It also has a companion device called Hive Sound that can play music including alerts and notifications from the Hive Hub.   The Hive Sound can be attached on any socket plus it has microphone, noise cancellation features, two drivers and passive radiator to provide great sound.

It has already reached its fund goal so expect it to be released this month.   Check out The Hive’s Kickstarter page here.






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