The Internet of Things is about to explode – Ericsson

The Internet of Things is about to explode – Ericsson

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Last month, Ericcsson ConsumerLab released a report on consumer trends for 2015 and what is the big trend for this year?

Consumers want technology and connectivity to be integrated into every facet of life:   From cleaning, hygiene, to personal safety and even monitoring your daily medicinal intake.

Some of the more interesting trends the report presented are here:

The future is streamed. More people will watch streamed video on a weekly basis.  That means getting TV news reports, their TV novellas, watching favorite shows on a computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s already happening.

Helpful Homes – The Internet of Things is coming out guns blazing. CES  or the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 is all about it and we’ve already  published a few reports on devices that connect light bulbs, washing machines,  air conditioning units to the Internet for greater human control. In the Philippines, nearly 40% of regular Internet users said they were interested in the concept of a Connected Home.

Smart Citizens – Yes. We’re making better decisions on just a about everything because we are more informed now.  We’re doing more research on things that we buy and consume.  More people are opting to use solar energy and other renewable energy.  People are getting better at recylcing just about everything.  The report said “Consumers believe traffic volume maps, energy use comparison apps and real-time water quality checkers will be mainstream by 2020.”

Domestic Robots –  It’s not Skynet (that fictional network of murdering AI and their machines)  but more people now are open to getting a robot to their chores, i.e. robot vacuum cleaners.   Sixty four (64%) believe that robots will be common households by 2020.  It could be earlier than that.

Check the full infographic below:

Ericsson Consumer Labs Consumer Trends 2015

Here is the link to the full report.








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