The MowRo is the robot lawnmower you need

The MowRo is the robot lawnmower you need

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Everyone already knows what a robot vacuum cleaner and what it can do. So you have a huge grass lawn, but because of the pandemic, it’s starting to look like a jungle. But you don’t want to go out and mow it? How about getting a robot lawnmower? Yes, you heard us right. There’s the MowRo, and it’s the answer to your mow-the-lawn-now question.

MowRo is an easy-to-use, fully autonomous lawnmower designed to save time and get that beautifully-cut lawn. You can have the MowRo run on schedule and even during at night.

 If you have an open lawn (meaning no fences or anything), that won’t be a problem. Once you get the MowRo, you’ll get a low profile, no-trip perimeter wire that acts as a wall. It’ll make the MowRo turn and maneuver and keep to your lawn. The perimeter wire can also guide the MowRo back to the docking station for charging. 

It’s an intelligent robot lawnmower, and it uses an algorithm to help maintain a consistently-cut lawn. It can mow up to 6,500 sq ft per mow cycle.  Even if it rains, the MowRo will continue to run and only return to its charging station once the batteries are low. 

So, how safe is the MowRo? Well, the makers put the blades inside a mowing blade guard. On top of that, it has multiple safety sensors to make it reverse automatically or stop the edges if it comes into contact with objects or lifted off the ground.

And if you’ve used a lawnmower, you know it gets pretty loud. MowRo uses an electric motor and is nearly quiet. That’s why you can have the MowRo run at night and have a freshly-cut lawn the next day. This robot lawnmower has a simple user interface so that you can set it on a schedule or a timer. 

And while most traditional lawnmowers just cut away and leave the cut-grass leavings almost everywhere, the MowRo cuts a fraction of the grass each time. Thoe little clippings are easier to biodegrade, which turn into natural fertilizer. 

The MowRo also comes with extra blades that are replaceable easily with a screwdriver. 

If you want to know more about the MowRo, check out its Indiegogo page here



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