The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator will Help with the Groceries

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator will Help with the Groceries

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We’ve featured some great home appliances before but in this Smart Home Now! Blog, we’re featuring what could possibly be the one awesome refrigerator

At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show,  Samsung showed off their new Smart refrigerator and it will help keep it stocked with grocery and other food items.

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator has a slew of awesome features. The new fridge is connected via WiFi and Samsung Smart Home app which helps people  keep track of what’s inside it.  It also promises to track product expiration dates. Wow.

The ref has an external 21.5 inch touch screen LCD (and it’s a full HD at that) located on the top right. It’ll allow users not just watch TV shows and movies, it can be used as a calendar as well.  Check out the other cool stuff it can below.


To help it monitor what’s inside the refrigerator, Samsung put in three (3) cameras to capture an image every time the door closes.  Users can then check to see what’s inside the ref.  Or if you’re somewhere else (like outside), you can still check the contents of the Smart Family Hub ref through your mobile phone.  The Ref will even help users order groceries online.

You can even connect it to a wireless  Bluetooth speakers

For more information, visit the  Samsung web site or click here

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