The Whirlpool Closet Depth Front Load Washer and HybridCare Dryer are Awesome

The Whirlpool Closet Depth Front Load Washer and HybridCare Dryer are Awesome

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If you’re looking a dedicated laundry space to your home but you don’t have enough space, then check out Whirlpool’s Closet Depth Front Load Washer and HybridCare™ Heat Pump Dryer.1 Equipped with  Whirlpool’s latest technological innovations and energy efficient capability, the washer and dryer pair is designed to fit seamlessly into more compact spaces and handle family-sized loads.

Together, this laundry pair can fit in more places. Traditionally limited to locations with vent access, the HybridCare™ Heat Pump dryer processes, dries and recycles the air in the drum so there is no need for a traditional output air vent.

It’s also an energy saver as it consumes 73 percent less energy with the Eco Dry setting, the dryer recycles energy, and helps conserve precious resources.

Whirlpool Closet Depth Laundry Pair

The Closet Depth Front Load washer is equipped with a Load & Go™ detergent system – which stores up to 12 loads worth of laundry detergent, so consumers don’t have to worry about refilling for each load. And, every load gets just the right amount of detergent – no more guesswork.

The All-In-One Care™ system was created for those busy families who in the midst of the bedtime routine craze might forget that a gym uniform has to be done before school the next day. Enabled by the wash and dry cycle, families can wash and dry tomorrow’s outfit without having to transfer wet clothes into the dryer4; that means every member of the family can catch up on sleep. With the FanFresh® cycle with Dynamic Venting Technology®, clothes stay fresh and wrinkle free in the washer after the cycle ends, for up to 12 hours.

Check out the video below.

Families can get a perfect clean and optimal clothing care with the TLC System:
The ColorLast™ cycle on the washer uses a precise combination of wash action, gentle temperatures and wash time so bright colors stay brighter, longer5.
Advanced Moisture Sensing with active built-in sensors helps prevent over-drying and fabric damage, so favorite pairs of jeans will get the perfect dry.

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