Trouver Robo Vacuum Cleaner Finder is a keeper

Trouver Robo Vacuum Cleaner Finder is a keeper

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 TROUVER, a Xiaomi brand aiming for the youth market, launched its latest robot vacuum Finder. It looks cool, and we would like to think that it will perform well. 

While some robot vacuum cleaners can only sweep up dust, Trouver’s newest robot vacuum offers sweep and mop features at the same time.

The Finder has Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) navigation that can scan in a 6-meter radius 2,080 times per second from 360 degrees. With its self-developed Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) path planning algorithm and a dual-core processor, Finder boasts advanced mapping capabilities that enable it to offer customized cleaning. The LDS laser navigation promises a full scan of the space with higher accuracy and longer range. Its nine sensors allow it to move across even 20mm obstacles, meaning users don’t need to worry about the vacuum colliding with household objects or getting stuck.

With its powerful 2,000Pa suction, four suction modes, and V-shaped high-speed roller brush, Finder offers both sweeping and mopping, cleaning surfaces without leaving corners untouched thanks to a 270ml water tank and 570ml oversized dust box. Its composite soft and hard fiber cloth enhances cleaning, wiping the floor effectively while locking in water and dust. 

TROUVER Launches Cost-effective Robot Vacuum Named Finder, Offering Users a Smarter Home Cleaning Experience for this Christmas.

While most robot vacuum cleaners are noisy when they’re running, the Finder integrates five noise reduction levels, allowing it to operate discreetly. And with its 90-minute battery life, it can clean large surfaces in a single run.

TROUVER’s other vacuum models, such as the cordless vacuums Solo 10 and Power 11, were made available during Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays. 

So if you’re looking for more other robot vacuum cleaner brands, check out the Trouver Finder.

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