View Dynamic Glass Generates and Controls Tint for Your Windows

View Dynamic Glass Generates and Controls Tint for Your Windows

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We’re pretty sure this has happened to you before.  You got enough windows and glass in your home to let natural light in so you won’t have to use electric lights.  The thing is, when there’s too much sunshine, it’s bound to get hot or too bright.

To alleviate the heat and glare, you  draw the curtains or use the blinds.  But it’s still pretty hot.

In the near future, you’ll get to use Smart Glass that control how much light and heat you window glass gets. Smart Windows for buildings has been here for quite a while but someone has managed to let users generate tint and control it.  View created the Dynamic Glass which will allow users to tint their  windows on command. And there’s levels of tint to handle glare and heat.

You can set the tint for every period of the day through the web, your mobile phone or your computer.

What’s great about it is it’ll save you electricity during the hottest period of the day. With the View Glass tint on, you won’t have to turn on AC (air conditioner) and lower the thermostat that much.   And you won’t have to squint that much when you want to look out your window.

The technology that allows it to tint a window is pretty awesome. Check out the animation below.



View’s Dynamic Glass has layers of metal oxide that form the electrochromic ceramic coating on the inside.

When a tiny electrical voltage is applied to the glass, the ions move between layers.  This changes its structure and results in glass tinting.

The makers of Dynamic Glass says they can reduce the building’s cooling peak load by up to 23 percent – passing cost savings to owners.

While it is just  currently available for buildings,  there will be smaller versions of View’s Dynamic Glass for the home.

This is one of the smart technologies that we’re really excited about. We’ll have more updates on this potential Smart Home technology so stay tuned.

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