WattSmart System Can Help Monitor, Manage & Reduce Electricity Consumption

WattSmart System Can Help Monitor, Manage & Reduce Electricity Consumption

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Those power reduction devices that are peddled in malls don’t work. I’ve installed one before and it never worked. In fact, it even cost me more electricity running the darn thing; add insult to injury as I had to buy it a ridiculously expensive price.

I was misinformed back then and vowed to look for a power reduction system that really works. I found WattSmart as I Googled Power Reduction and I liked what I read.

According to its site, WattSmart  is an online energy management platform that shows real-time electricity consumption and analyzes energy behavior. They don’t offer devices that reduce power consumption but rather they install a system that allows residential consumers to be more acquainted with their energy use behaviors and  manage their electricity consumption.

WattSmart Systems

A key element in the WattSmart system is their Appliance Efficiency Analysis service which will helps you identify what appliances in your home are inefficient or consuming too much power or electricity. They say that while replacing power inefficient appliances with better ones will sometimes be expensive, it will benefit users in the long room.

The WattSmart System monitors power consumption in real time and users can do this via a web browser or a smartphone app.  With the Mobile Energy Monitoring App, you can see if someone turns on appliance or if you’ve left one on.

And should users think about using solar energy to supplement their energy requirements, WattSmart can also provide power supply analysis services.

We plan to get a scheduled demo of WattSmart System so stay tuned. Click here if you want to know more about WattSmart.




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